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Why do you need to resize your images?  Modern digital cameras have much improved resolution and the images on disk are huge.  This huge size is essential for getting the best possible photo printing.  But, you don't need anywhere near that resolution for displaying your photos on the web or sharing them via e-mail.  So, keep those large image files for printing, but resize them to a friendly size for sharing.  Imagine using your photos for thumbnails and icons for your desktop.  InSizer is the perfect tool for these needs.

Insizer is designed to help you simplify repetitive tasks.  You can easily create standard resizeing commands and then resize whole folders all at once.  Then, do another folder tomorrow using the size options with just one-click.  All that power is also available at the command line and inside scripts.

Lots of resizing tools are available, but you don't need expensive image editting software to resize your photos.  Check out InSizer for free and find out for yourself why it is the best $5.00 resizing application ever!

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